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ok so its boiling down to the last day of classes im kinda siked really stressed confussed nervous... i dont really know what to think of my life next year its up in the air i dont know where ill be what ill be doing or who il be doing this with. to all of you who do know even if you dont like where youll be or who youll be with or what youll be doing atleast you know where youll be and who youll be with and what youll be doing i know its kinda repetitive and i dont really know what im getting at but...

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im really confussed lifes just weird sometimes i have a feeling that either im not coming back or if i do they're gonna want me to do something thats gonna make me not wanna come back like reapeat the grade :O(!!! i dont really know what the fuck's goin on... but anyhow im also contemplating wether or not to mess with barak again(?) well anyhow i wrote this ppoem a litlle while ago and it really represents whats going on right now but the only let down for some is that its in spanish if your really interested in what it says just ask me about it i can give you something brief!


Los deseos me arruinan la vida
Las estrellas sonrien hablandome de la belleza del mundo
Todos me hablan de la esperanza
Un ser se acerca de mi cuerpo dandome suaves caricias tiernas
Pienso sentirlas
Un nino me mira extrana
Buscando significado
Buscando lo que no le doy
Mi madre de la misma manera busca
Camino por la vida mirando
Oyendo sin escuchar los suaves murmuros del querer
El amor come por dentro lo que la belleza vuelve a llenar
Hago cosas que se creen importantes
Diariamente entrego a alguien lo que ya an sospechado
Pertenesco a una generacion supuesta repitiendo libertad
Pero aun sigo buscando lo que puesto en mi mente no me pertenese
Aun sigo sintiendo el odio que niegan
Los hipocritas rodean hablando lo supuesto no hablado
Mi lapizero me guia en suaves maneras poderosas
Y mi corazon en formas de romperlo
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so... tomorrow might just be my day of ruth wish me luck im gonna go talk to mr thomson and mr russel about coming back next year(?) hopefully i will be coming back but hey ya never know so anyhow ill post sayin wat up laterz
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jason was fuckin trying to give me a wedgie during fuckin history and he suceeded in doing so once. it was so annoying! and you know whats real annoying everytime i say something about MYSELF! (i should know my self well enough to come to conclusions!) people always find a way to lie or try to be nice and say the contrary or be mean and say the contrary no one has to lie or oppose me when it comes to me! i know who i am atleast up in the surface mentally as well as physically i dont need affirmations i wish people would just be honest! plainly honest and not feel the need to say something when there is nothing to be said its just a statement take it in and shit it out!
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for some reason i am incredibly hyper right now its ridiculous... i went shopping with my mom this weekend and got some stuff for springterm! that was exciting except for me and my mom cant be within a radius of a hundred feet from each other without arguing about something! but whatever. i really need to lose weight for the summer anyone have anyhting that works?... post laterz bye!
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ms.G just gave me dsh for a fuckin book ohmgd i fuckin did all my god damne fucking hw last night just to come to cfucjkinjn g e blodck and get a fuckin bitch teacher that im fuckin failing anyways give me dsh sometimes this school really pisses me THE FUCK OFF
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i really want it to be the end of the year already i want exams to be over and i want to find out where im gonna be next year... Darrow? or any number of public schools in ny. i just hope that wherever i do end up ill do something with my self something that'll eventually make me lots of money. i have yet to confirm this thing but i have faith that it will come... anyhow if anyone has any ideas of where i can find something perfect let me know...!!! and please dont give me any of that god bull shit, i can't come in contact with him...

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so.. recently i asked my father about pi and how it's incorporated into the formula for the circumference of a circle and how people claim pi to be infinite but if it's infinite then does that mean that circles don't have exact circumeferences? (which i know they do) and if i take a 3D circle like a can or something and measure the circumference and do the formula in reverse then would i get pi? and my dad forwarded my question to his friend and it's all in spanish but basically what he said was that pi is not infinite but an irrational number he gave me some irrational number examples and then also enlightened me to the fact that taking a small piece of string and wrapping it around a can will not give me an exact measure (i might be off by a few millimeters) but all i really got out of that was that pi is somewhere between 3.14 and 3.15 and he also told me of a book i can read... but i dont know i guess my quest for perfection which i thought i had secured in mathematics i no longer have it's truly imperfect when you get past the elementary 2+2=4 so what is perfection? maybe i'll never find it!...for those of you who speak spanish this is what he wrote:

Tu pai me pasó esa pregunta que tú le hiciste. Aquí te envio unos


comentarios porque lamentablemente no tengo mucho tiempo.

En primer lugar Pi no es un número infinito. Es un número finito que


entre 3.14 y 3.15. Lo que sí es cierto es que no es un número racional.


números racionales son aquellos que pueden escribirse como cocientes de

enteros. Por ejemplo 2/3 es racional. Cuando representamos un número

racional en forma decimal su representación siempre termina o es


Así 2/5 = 0.4 y 1/3 = 0.3333...

Eso también funciona a la inversa, siempre que tengas un decimal que


o que es períodico, entonces lo podrás escribir como cociente de


ejemplo 0.39393939.... = 13/39.

Por lo tanto, cuando un número es irracional su representación decimal


termina ni es períodica. En ese sentido su representación decimal es

"infinita", pero el número mismo es finito. Probar que un número es

irracional no es nada fácil. El primero que demostró matemáticamente

que si

divides la circunferencia de cualquier círculo entre su diámetro el

resultado siempre es constante fue Arquímides y él mismo calculó muchos

lugares decimales de ese número constante que luego vino a llamarse Pi.


embargo, la demostración de que Pi es un número irracional no se logró


el siglo 19, casi 2,000 años despue's de Arquímides.

Eso quiere decir entre muchas otras cosas que nunca puedes teoricamente


la circunferencia de un círculo con presición absoluta conociendo el

diámetro. Recuerda que la fórmula para calcular la circunferencia es C


Pi*(diámetro). Como nunca puedes representar a Pi como una fracción


podrás calcular C con precisión absoluta. Si quieres calcular a dos


decimales correctos tienes que usar Pi aprox. = 3.14, si quieres tres


decimales usas Pi aprox. = 3.14156 etc etc.

Pero claro está, todo eso es teórico. En la práctica uno nunca puede


con precisión absoluta porque cuando tú mides tu vas dividiendo una


en muchas partes iguales y fisicamente la materia es discontinua. Por

ejemplo, si tú agarras una lata y le pones una cuerdita alrededor y


mides la cuerda, a lo mejor tú puedes medir con precisión de hasta .01

milímetros, pero ya no puedes seguir. Para eso basta saber el valor de


hasta 5 o 6 sitios decimales correctos. La idea de una representación

decimal infinita es una idea teórica. No práctica. Hay un libro

excelente y

elemental de un autor de apellido Beckman sobre la historia del número


Estoy seguro que lo podrás leer. Búscalo en la biblioteca.

En Amazon lo puedes ver